Festival of Colours

Vedic Cultural Centre, Thunder Bay is a registered nonprofit organization in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Annual Festival of India and Festival of Colours are organized by Vedic Cultural Centre.

Festival of India is a unique event where we provide entertainment and food – FREE OF COST- to more than 5000 people. There are no tickets. We serve FREE DINNER to more than 5000 people at the event.

Our sources of funds for organizing these events are from in-kind contribution, cash donations, sales of tickets at Festival of colours, sale of various items at the events. 

Funds raised for the festival are utilized to pay for expenses of Festival of India and Festival of Colours as follows:
• the artists travelling from  India, Canada and the USA (Travel, Accommodation, professional charges)
• rental fees for venue, equipment, sound, lights, tables, chairs.
• security services
• Portable toilets
• Insurance of the event.
• Marketing of the events in print and social media
• FREE FOOD / FRUITS / JUICES FOR 5000 PEOPLE – Grocery, plates, spoons etc. etc
• Pay to the Chefs who travel from Toronto / Calgary / New York to cook.
• Many other expenses like communication services, gas expenses, the printing of posters, mailing charges, purchase of items required at various booths like henna booth, Taste of India booth, games booth, maintenance and repair of Chariot for Chariot parade etc.

If any funds left at the end of the event are utilized towards FOOD FOR LIFE/ Prasadam distribution program under which every week 40-50 people are provided free vegetarian meal /prasadam every Sunday at Vedic Cultural Centre, Thunder Bay.

For more info Contact

Dr. Prashant Jani
313 Whitestone Square, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 7B7
Email: dr.prashant.jani@gmail.com | Phone: 807-684-6591

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